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Initial objective: design a sneaker on top of a LUISA sole.

Altered objective: design a sneaker on top of a KILIAN sole.

To utilise the LUISA sole more, I was asked to design a new sneaker on top of this sole. To touch upon current trends, it seemed a smart idea to design a somewhat traditional court sneaker - as an answer towards the trend of the Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk, and, at the time, the countless amounts of "creative bootlegs" that were flooding the market. However, a clear goal was to definitely not make this sneaker look like a Jordan, a Nike, or anything else for that matter. It should be a totally unique, court inspired sneaker.

During the design process we found the LUISA sole to be too low, and decided to switch it for the KILIAN sole. Another sole which is not utilised enough by ROYAUMS.

Inspiration of this shoe was taken from later 80s / early 90s American youth culture, including basketball and skateboarding, but also music and film.



ideation 01.jpg

While coming up with the design for the ROYAUMS MVP, I proposed the idea of doing two different versions:

- A SPORT version, which should appeal to a possible new type of customer. Aiming at a target audience that is more up to trend with a shoe that can easily be worn casually.

- A LUX version, which is fully aimed at ROYAUMS' current customer. A cleaner, more laid back design, triangle studs on the toe box and overall even more luxurious than the SPORT version.

sport vs lux 02 kopiëren.jpg
34 kleur.jpg
34 Lux 01.jpg

Early samples

B-Bal sample edit 02.jpg
BBall Sample edit.jpg

Tech drawings

Nylon label on tongue:

ROYAUMS_labels_tech kopiëren.jpg

Difference between SPORT and LUX (now dubbed MVP and MVP TROPHY):

Differences MVP & TROPHY.jpg

Final product

The shown colourway is a new addition to the ECLIPSE pack, a now returning colourway for ROYAUMS.

B-Ball KITT tech-1.jpg
MV101 side.jpg
MV101 front.jpg
MV101 back.jpg

Creative direction

The launch campaign was basketball themed to further emphasize the story behind the MVP. Attributes such as a custom basketball kit and a basketball backboard were made to help tell the story.

Creative direction in collaboration with Lisa Pols.

shirt kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18270 kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18237 kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18146 kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18188 kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18219 kopiëren.jpg
Royaums MVP18254 kopiëren.jpg

Future possibilities

The MVP is a new model with a lot of potential. Right now, only the MVP (SPORT) is available. Future opportunities can be found in the TROPHY (LUX) variant, but also a high top edition could be a very beneficial addition to ROYAUMS' line-up.

ideation HIGH 01.jpg
34 High 01 kopiëren.jpg
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