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Objective: a retro court sneaker inspired by late 80s/early 90s American youth culture based on the KILIAN tooling.

To utilise the LUISA outsole more, I was asked to design a new sneaker on top of this outsole. To touch upon current trends, it seemed a smart idea to design a somewhat traditional court sneaker - as an answer towards the trend of the Air Jordan 1, Nike Dunk and, at the time, the countless amounts of "creative bootlegs" that were flooding the market. However, a clear goal was to definitely not make this sneaker look like a Jordan, a Nike, or anything else for that matter. It should be a totally unique, court inspired sneaker.

During the design process we found the LUISA ousole to be too low, and decided to switch it for the KILIAN outsole. Another outsole which was not utilised enough by ROYAUMS.

Inspiration of this shoe was taken from later 80s / early 90s American youth culture, including basketball and skateboarding, but also music and film.

My overall idea was to have a traditional court sneaker (MVP) which would attract a new audience, but bridge the gap between the old and the new audience by also introducing a luxurious version (MVP TROPHY) with classic ROYAUMS elements - such as studs. I also introduced a high-tip MVP. Unfortunately, the TROPHY and high-top have never seen a release to the public.

Year: 2021


Used software: Photoshop & Illustrator

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