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Curriculum Vitae


Dutch (native)


Design Skills

Footwear Design

Accessory Design

UX Design

Automotive Design

Concept Art

Hand drawing


Adobe Suite






CAD Software


Fusion 360






Personal Interests


























Professional Experience

Head of Footwear Design


March 2022 - Present

Weert, The Netherlands

Footwear Designer

Bos Group International

March 2022 - Present

Weert, The Netherlands

Founder / All-round Designer


April 2021 - Present

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Footwear & Accessory Designer


December 2019 - February 2022

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Founder / All-round Designer

Eastern Pharaoh

September 2010 - April 2021

The Hague, The Netherlands


Experience Designer

March 2019 - June 2019

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Graduation Student

Guerrilla (Collaboration)

May 2018 - November 2018

Delft / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Concept Art Intern


September 2017 - March 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Disruptive Innovator (Internship)


March 2017 - July 2017

Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Drawing Specialist (Freelance)


September 2015 - October 2015

Delft, The Netherlands


Master of Science (MSc.),

Design for Interaction

Delft University of Technology

September 2015 - November 2018

Delft, The Netherlands

Bachelor of Science (BSc.),

Industrial Design Engineering

Delft University of Technology

September 2012 - July 2015

Delft, The Netherlands

Additional Education

Sewing Classes

Geweldig Goed!

October 2021 - July 2022

Naarden. The Netherlands

Automotive & Transport Design (Exchange)

Coventry University

September 2016 - February 2017

Coventry, The United Kingdom

Automotive Design (Minor)

Delft University of Technology

September 2014 - February 2015

Delft, The Netherlands

VWO Atheneum, Natuur & Techniek

Picasso Lyceum Zoetermeer

September 2005 - June 2012

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Voluntary Endeavors

Participant (40 km)

Nacht van de Vluchteling

June 2022

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Nacht van de Vluchteling

September 2021

The Hague, The Netherlands

Participant (40 km)

Nacht van de Vluchteling

June 2019

Rotterdam / The Hague, The Netherlands


Gemeente Pijnacker-Nootdorp

October 2015

Pijnacker, The Netherlands


Renault Design Award


August 2017 - November 2017

Delft / Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Responsible for designing all footwear products. Also involved in most creative developments for the brand (website, creative direction, etc.)


Responsible for all new developments for Filmore as Head of Footwear Design. Also responsible for new footwear designs and trend forecasts for the Maruti brand.

A brand merging art, fashion, pop culture and street culture, with a focus on collectibles and collaborations. Products range from designer toys to clothing.

Responsible for the design of all future footwear and accessory products for the luxury brand ROYAUMS and the unisex sneaker brand CERO NINE as well as the seasonal colours for upcoming collections, starting from SS21.

A (freelance) T-shirt company which does not only create and sell T-shirt designs under its own name, but also presses custom T-shirts on demand.

Responsible for ideating, designing, and the technical development of interactive spaces and exhibits and supporting projects throughout the entirety of the process. Projects I worked on include Continium (a science center), The Dutch Dance Experience (an experience center), and a pitch for the Dutch Shoe Museum.

Graduation project, done in collaboration with Guerrilla, in which the Horizon Zero Dawn experience was translated into merchandise / a physical product.

Assisted in the visual design of Horizon Forbidden West, mainly prop art.

Assigned to design a new salad dressing experience in a team of six people.

Responsible for making the evolution of the BluLocks concept visual, as well as creating some simple graphic representations of the lock’s principle.


MSc. program that focusses on user centered design, while also elaborating on the knowledge gained from the BSc. Industrial Design Engineering. A mix between UX design and traditional product design.

Gained experience in a wide variation of software, including most of the Adobe programs and various 3D and coding programs. Also improved my hand drawing skills and developed a critical/analytical way of thinking. Furthemore I got familiar with Delft’s appraised methodology.


Casual weekly classes to gain a basic understanding of sewing.

Got introduced to new software and improved my (automotive) visualisation skills, both in 2D and 3D, both digitally and physically. Had a first shot at automotive clay modeling, and gained hands on experience in a wind tunnel.

Learned how to design a car based on its package. Also improved hand drawing (with Copic markers among others) and drawing under pressure (speed drawing). This minor inlcuded multiple team projects.

Secondary school on VWO Atheneum level (Secondary Scientific Education) with the Natuur & Techniek (Nature & Technology) profile. This profile includes all scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, and chemistry).



Walking 40 kilometers in Rotterdam, starting at midnight, to raise money for refugees.

Volunteering during the event of the Nacht van de Vluchteling (Night of the Refugee) at the starting location.

Walking 40 kilometers from Rotterdam to The Hague, starting at midnight, to raise money for refugees.

Voluntary interpreter (Arabic - Dutch) in a temporary refugee shelter.


Six selected duos were assigned to design both interior and exterior based on one of Renault’s life phases. In our case this was the final phase: wisdom. We took a very story and experience heavy approach.

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