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Objective: a winterized version of the KILIAN, ROYAUMS' most successful sneaker.

ROYAUMS' fall/winter 2021 had as overarching theme "bold exploration: further than before", containing four sub-themes:

- The highest mountain

- The deepest ocean

- The furthest planet

Playing with the first sub-theme, I proposed a new edition for ROYAUMS' most popular model, the KILIAN. Adding winterized elements, such as D-ring eyelets and a nylon webbing pull tab on the tongue transformed the KILIAN II into the KILIAN AT (standing for All Terrain).

To finish the look, water repellent materials such as Cordura were used, combined with various shades of brown and beige to fully make the shoes hike-ready.

Furthermore, maintaining the cone studs the KILIAN is known for, creates for a unique and very contrasting (and impractical may I say?) look.

Year: 2021


Used software: Photoshop & Illustrator

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