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Objective: design multiple small leather goods for ROYAUMS.

One of ROYAUMS' signature elements is the red ring, which, on their shoes, is visible on the topmost eyelet and on the bottom of the outsole. It came immediately clear to me that this red ring also had to be implemented in the cbelt, now known as the EQUATOR.

Instead of adding ROYAUMS’ signature red ring directly to the bags, I opted for a more abstract approach. The red ring now “rotates’ around the waist of the wearer.


Not only the colours are selected carefully, but also materials. The belt is made out of matte tumbled leather and very soft smooth matte leather.

The final product is available with two different buckles: a gold one and a gunmetal one, which match perfectly with the ROYAUMS OPAL keychain.

Besides a cross belt, I also designed a cross body bag, the ROYAUMS VOYAGE, in a similar manner.

Initial drawing

early render.JPG

Tech drawings

tech details.JPG

Final product

The shown colourways (gold and gunmetal buckle) are part of the ECLIPSE pack, together with the ROYAUMS CADEN and ROYAUMS VOYAGE.

equator 1 gun.JPG
equator 2 gun kopie.JPG
equator 1 gold.JPG
equator 2 gold kopie.JPG
aquator gunmetal.jpg
equator gold.jpg
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