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Objective: design multiple small leather goods for ROYAUMS.

Besides the ROYAUMS VOYAGE cross body bag and the ROYAUMS EQUATOR belt, which both released, two more accessories were planned to release alongside it as part of the "ECLIPSE pack": a card holder and a toiletry pouch.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic stood in the way of releasing all products. The card holder and toiletry pouch were both cancelled for production.


The initial idea was discussed early on: it had to be a card holder that one could hang around his/her/their neck.

I came up with the idea of making the lanyard interchangeable with a keyring, which should be part of the purchase. The keyring ended up being its own product and released under the name ROYAUMS OPAL.

The idea of the lanyard was also scrapped eventually as can be seen in the progress images and pictures in the gallery above.

Year: 2021 (unreleased)


Used software: Photoshop & Illustrator

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