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Objective: a spiritual successor of the ROYAUMS LUISA, using the tooling of the newly developed ROYAUMS V-RUNNER.

The general goal of this project was to shed a new light on the ROYAUMS Luisa. While recognizable design aesthetics of the Luisa needed to remain, such as the studded round nose, it was essential to design a shoe unlike any other shoe on the market.


Where the V-Runner is marketed as a sporty chunky runner, the Caden is meant to purely be a luxury sneaker - atop of that same V-Runner outsole.

The Caden is a traditional ROYAUMS shoe, attracting the traditional ROYAUMS customer: studs, high quality leathers and flashy colours and materials. It is a shoe for those who like to make a bold statement.

Year: 2021


Used software: Photoshop & Illustrator

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