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Six designer duos competed agains each other for the Renault Design Award. Each duo had to design both interior and exterior based on one of the life phases of Renault's Marguerite; in our case this was Wisdom. Of the design, a short documentary and a pitch were made, the latter one was be presented to Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President Corporate Design of Renault.



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The Team

Lukas Lambrichts

Omar Pasha

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Lukas and I see wisdom as something that you gain by experiencing new things, and reflecting on these new experiences. However, the people that we consider as wise are often the people that hesitate in experiencing new things, and therefore their wisdom comes to a halt. Our concept, the Renault Facette, should stimulate people to experience new things, and should also give them the possibility to discuss and reflect on these newly gained experiences.

To achieve this, the Renault Facette can switch between two different modes.