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The Team (FLTR)

Sumyeong Choi

Wouter van Strien

Omar Pasha

Paula van den Boer

Lin Pang

Levitate was a project in which we had to create a poetic experience inside a sitting element on Delft Central Station. Instead of doing everything on paper, this project was all about developing a concept by creating multiple prototypes.

We started with just a quickly assembled backless seat, which eventually evolved into a fully interactive designer chair. In between we experimented with various ideas, such as making it a rocking chair (which did not seem to cause the desired effect).

A train station is the place where people are in a hurry. We wanted the people that have to wait for the train, especially those that are frustrated after missing a train, to have a relaxing moment for themselves.

Levitate is a chair that does something totally unexpected when sitting on it. Not only is it extremely comfortable (it really is), but once the rubber bands are touched, relaxing sounds start to play. These sounds change with one's movement, weight, and sitting area.

Final Concept

Final Concept

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The final prototype was exhibited for just one day but, to this day, can still be found in the hallways of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.