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Objective: design and develop the best possible tee for my own brand.

After having printed a lot of tees for clients as a side job under my brand Eastern Pharaoh, I figured it was time to actually design something unique for my new brand: collectabun.

A lot of work went into finding the right blanks for this project, the fit and materials needed to be perfect. It ended up being a cotton blend oversized tee with half length sleeves. Extremely comfortable and airy.

2021: oversized floral tee

In 2021 I released the oversized floral tee. Here I tried to push the print limit in size with a huge back print - all printed by myself. Every single tee costed me 2 hours to make, but the look and feel of the tee ended up being perfect.

2022: oversized target tee

This time I outsourced the printing for a high quality screen print - executed by my friends over at Studio Vliering in Amsterdam.

Unreleased: oversized futura tee

In 2022 I made a Futura inspired tee with the means to get the attention of the artist. Please note, this is an unofficial collaboration. This product has never been released to the public, only one sample has been made for personal use.

More coming soon!

Year: 2021-2022

Brand: collectabun


Special thanks:

Studio Vliering

Used software: Photoshop, Illustrator & Blender

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