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GVB Ticket Vending Machine

GVB Ticket Vending Machine

GVB Ticket Vending Machine

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The Team

Iris van den Breemer

Sumyeong Choi

Matthijs Huijbregts

Patrasuda Parton

Omar Pasha

Used software



The GVB ticket vending machines can be used to buy tickets for bus, tram and metro in Amsterdam. The current machines, however, offer quite some frustration when operated by users. We were asked to redesign the ticket vending machines of GVB to make the user interaction more pleasant.

We formulated two types of users; new users and frequent users. When using the redesigned machine, new users should feel informed, encouraged and inspired, whereas the frequent users should experience an agile and quotidian interaction. This was achieved by redesigning both the hardware (body and different slots) and software of the machine, which has been tested by letting various users interact with a 1:1 scaled "Wizard of Oz" prototype.