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Objective: design a fashionable runner while keeping in mind the (yet to establish) identity of the fully new brand FILMORE.

Collaborative design effort with Luís Laranjeira Lopes.

When I came to work for FILMORE in early 2022 (a totally new brand), preliminary design work had already been done by my colleague Luís Lopes. However, the brand identity of FILMORE was still being established, so none of the designs were final.

For the HIERRO it was mainly slight adjustment that I made in the upper to tie it in better with the there two models, ETNA and SABA.

The original outsole design by Luís was unfortunately scrapped due to difficulties in production and a limited budget. We swapped the outsole for an existing one, for which I designed a totally new bottom.

Year: 2023


Used software: Photoshop & Illustrator

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